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Sometimes, life just cannot get any better: Mark Rylance judging this year’s ‘Woof Hall’ Brockwell Park Dog Show
A selection of the best Twitter snaps. With thanks to @megrosoff, @zehratg, @BrockwellParkCP, @lkreitzman, @jobarrow, @zmw_zephyr

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As April Fools go, this has to be one of the very best …

Is your dog beautiful enough to be on screen?

A UK television production company are looking for a hound to star in a short (10-sec) clip to be used for American TV channel Nat Geo Wild. They’re looking for medium to large breeds, ideally. Interested? Send a photo of your dog to and send a copy to
Seen our dogs and their lovely flashing collars next to the Christmas tree? Want one? Just send us a picture of your dog looking even cuter than this (if that’s possible) …
If you’ve been past the salon you’ll have seen our dogs with their new flashing collars, in front of the tree. They’re proper night-time safety collars, with long-lasting LEDs, and we’ve got four on the go. We’ll be giving them away when we take down the tree. Would you like one? Just send us a picture of your dog looking even cuter or even more Christmassy than this. (Image courtesy of Streatham Twitter favourite @PaisleyRainford). Just send to And a wooftastic Christmas to you all.


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AND THEN – just when we thought things couldn’t get any more dog-shaped, the new owners at Dr Doolittle’s held their GRAND RE-OPENING, with BBC Radio London’s Barking Hour presenters Joanne Good and Anna Webb kicking off the festivities (photos (c) @BarkingBlondes @designassets)


Well it’s since become clear that KLM don’t actually use a beagle for their lost-and-found service but – really, who cares? Defy you to watch this video and not smile.

Unfortunately this year we could only stay for the first hour of the Dog Show – so we don’t even know who won our Scottie in the best fancy dress … we’ve no doubt he went to a good home, but if anyone knows who won him please tell us! Anyway, here’s a round up of the early entries we were able to snap … every single one of them absolutely adorable.

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KEEP YOUR CANINE COOL! If you’re up our end of the High Road with a panting pooch, drop in. We’ll find a bowl and cool your doggie down in no time. And we know our readers would never, ever leave a dog in a car. But if you’re booked for an appointment and don’t want to leave him alone, give us a call. It’s lovely and breezy under our ceiling fans and most hounds are happy to just settle down for a snooze.
STOP PRESS!! Lord – all kicking off just now isn’t it? Hot on the heels of @ChukaUmunna’s announcement that the MegaBowl development is officially going ahead (read it here), @TheRailwaySW16 have just told us they’re holding a Dog Show – Saturday July 26th, 10am. All in aid of @BatterseaDogsandCats, they’re clearly gluttons for punishment because they’re planning a hotdog stand AND making some in-house dog treats … Plus prizes for:
  • cutest puppy
  • most handsome senior dog
  • best fancy-dress costume
  • best trick and
  • best owner lookalike
Flyers and posters going out shortly, but they tell us it’s ‘completely informal and totally laid-back.’ Whatever. We’re going.
SAVE THE DATE! Sunday September 7th – SCRUFFS! The @Rookery100 Streatham Common Dog Show! Scroll down for a reminder of last year’s winners
Would like to woof …
Labrador feeling lonesome? Beagle needing buddies? Every so often we get a request from someone looking for a friend to go walkies with. The dog or the human – we’re not fussy. Hop on over to the Streatham Mums’ facebook page (it’s here) and check the post from Jessica Phipps. she’s got a one-year old pug, Ruby, and would like someone to go walkies with.
Lord, and we thought we were daft … anyone else looking for pooch partners or other furry friends? E-mail and we’ll post here.
So who won the ShoutStreatham Muzzlebook Dog of the Year award?
Well we promised ‘a prize at year end’. But how on earth were we to choose? @SW16Massage’s Darcy and Dougal? @Yorkiepud’s Nacho, @GoWalkiesLondon’s bundle of fun, or local pup-star and super funster @PaisleyRainbell? We couldn’t. So does anyone mind if we nominate a – err – human? Step up Streatham Common Dog Show organiser John Rhodes. There’ll be a bottle of something for you to collect from reception tomorrow. And a wooftastic Christmas to you all!


An absolute humdinger of a day out, and a huge thank you to John Rhodes and the Friends of Streatham Common team. We did our damnedest to capture every winner – but dogs do have a tendency to wander off, chase things, or just go and find something interesting to chew … apologies to anyone we missed, send photos/corrections to and we’ll fix things as soon as we can!
And they’re off – John Rhodes opens the show with Mayor of Lambeth Mark Bennett

John and the MayorBest Puppy

Prettiest Bitch
Handsomest Dog
Best Rescue Dog – get your hankies out, this was a real weepie …
Seven-legged Race – we suspect performance-enhancing liver snacks …
Best Veteran Dog (another weepie, sniff)
PAT Dogs Parade
Best Fancy Dress
Didn’t win a prize? Doesn’t matter. Everyone’s a winner as far as we’re concerned. Pick out your pooch in our rogues’ gallery!
So – salon dog Jasper is all dressed up for Gay Pride …


But even an activist needs a snooze …


Down to the Common for Kite Day, and to meet Friends of Streatham Common Dog Show organiser John Rhodes. The world and his dog really did seem to be out this morning … another fabulous #Streatham day …
NEWS FLASH!  So – new stylist Simon arrived, and he brought with him – Jasper, the Staffie-Jack Russell cross. Just moved into the area with a new 10-month-old puppy and nobody to dog-sit him – well, what were we to do? Turn him out into the cold? Nah. We brought in a blanket and give Jasper the run of the Rombouts biscuit tin, of course.
So it’s official – we have our very own salon dog. A dog all of our very own … sniff … stand by for the salon dog blog …

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POLL – Dog-parking? What do you think?
They do it in Herne Hill, apparently – secure hooks so shoppers can leave pets while they pop-in (more here). Are you in favour? Would you like to see some in Streatham?
Let us know what you think. If there’s enough interest @allabouthairUK have told us they’ll test one outside their premises …
STOP PRESS – if you’re out walkies anywhere in south London and need to know where the dog-friendly pubs and cafes are – @TotallyClapham have listed them all, here
NEW – First pics from the @TootingCommon Dog Show. Find more on their Facebook page, here.

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Our Twitterfeed suggests Streatham is probably London’s most dog-friendly borough. @TheRailwaySW16, @Waterfront426, @EarlFerrers @PrattsandPayne and Taylors all welcome dogs – and have water bowls on hand for thirsty hounds. Plus – @ManorArms and @PiedBullYoungs provide dog treats. Not forgetting @allabouthairUK - always happy to help out when you can’t find a dog-sitter (and far, far better than leaving in a car)


‘Tail-tip highlights and a whisker trim please …’
Every woman’s dream. Tough on the outside, a dog-lover on the inside … @StreathamRedskins share the woof love


STOP PRESS – And then all of a sudden, the bar got much, much, higher. We have a real pedigree in our midst – @PaisleyRainbell, the sweetest little Westie in SW16 and now, it seems, the world – rightly recognised as a finalist in the Harvey Nichols Best in Show competition. Woofs all round.


A very classy vintage pooch from very classy vintage tearooms @earlgreyandrose.


Pup-snapped Victoria-Streatham Hill, courtesy of @dogsontrains and @sianmadeleine.


@SW16massage’s very snowy Scottie, Dougal …

Snowyscottie.jpg large

His Schnauzer (but Westie lookalike) Darcy …

Westiejpg large

And the inevitable aftermath …

Bath.jpg large

(c) @SW16massage
Local pooch @PaisleyRainbell hitting the high life in the Harvey Nichols #Bestinbreed competition. OK, so he’s keeping it real in Adidas rather than Louis Vuitton, but if this little Westie does not win then there is no justice people, no justice at all.


(c) @PaisleyRainbell 2013
The  @allabouthairUK January 2013 snow-dog. Pathetic, frankly.

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